Faculty List

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Contact Information Area interest Email ID Profile Picture
1 D.J.Chaudhari Professor M.E. (Structures) B.E. (Civil) 9987995850 Structural Engineering Earthquake Engineering djchaudhari@gcoea.ac.in
2 Dr. S. K. Hirde Professor Ph. D., M. E. (Struct.), B. E. (Civil) Civil -Structural Engineering skhirde@gcoea.ac.in
3 A. R. Akhare Assistant Professor M.E. (Structural), B.E (CIVIL) Structural Engineering arakhare@gcoea.ac.in
4 L. R. Wankhade Assistant Professor B. Tech (Civil Engg.) 9665635855 Structural Engineering lrwankhade@gcoea.ac.in
5 S D Gowardhan Assistant Professor ME (structures), B. E.. CIVIL sdgowardhan@gcoea.ac.in
6 Dr. S. N. Khante Associate Professor Ph.D. ,M.Tech (Structural Engg) ,B. E. ( Civil Engg) 9860441250 Structural Engineering snkhante@gcoea.ac.in
7 P. S.Lande Associate Professor  B.E. (Civil), M.E.( Civil-Structural Engineering 9422163636 Structural Engineering/ Non Destructive Evaluation of Structure palande@gcoea.ac.in
8 S. P. Tak Assistant Professor ME (structures) ,B. E.. CIVIL 7020535520 Structural Engineering sptak@gcoea.ac.in