Department has various well equipped laboratories with modern equipments as per following details 

Sr. No.  Name of laboratory  Size 

(sq. m ) 

Major equipments 
1  Computer Lab (U.G.)  45  Computers, printers, Projectors, Softwares 
2  Computer Lab (P.G.)  45  Computers, printers, Projectors, Softwares 
3  Geotechnical Engg. Lab  157  Digital Triaxial Test app., Digital Consolidation app., Digital UC test app., Digital Direct shear test app. , Plate load Test app., SPT test app., Static cone penetration Test app. 

Universal Testing machine for Geotextile 

4  Environmental Engg. Lab (U.G.)  108  Spectrophotometer, COD Digester, COD-BOD-TDS analyzer, Muffle furnace, water analysis kit, BOD incubator, oven High volume samplers 
5  Environmental Engg. Lab (P.G.)  69 
6  Transportation Engg. Lab  100  Abrasion testing machine, Marshall stability Test app. Bitumen Extractor, Ductility Testing Machine, Impact Testing machine 
7  Fluid Mechanics lab  150  Laboratory tilting flume, Pump testing apparatus, Flow through pipe apparatus, 
8  Survey Lab  130  Total Station, Digital Theodolites,  
9  Geology Lab  154  Rock samples, Mineral sample