Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering has been established in 1964. The department offers undergraduate course and post graduate courses in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Power System. The total intake capacity for the department is 60 per year in the undergraduate course and 18 for the post graduate course.

Faculty List

Faculty List

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Contact Information Area interest Email ID Profile Picture
1 Prof. A. S. Sindekar Associate Professor & HOD M. Tech, DBM Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
2 Prof. V. M. Jape Associate Professor M.Tech Control Systems and Electrical Dives
3 Dr. V. N. Ghate Associate Professor Ph.D Machine learning and Artificial Neural Network
4 Prof. M.V. Jape Assistant Professor M. Tech Planning and Expansion of Electrical Power System
5 Dr. N. J. Phadkule Associate Professor Ph.D Digital Signal Processing and Electrical Power System
6 Dr. K. D. Thakur Assistant Professor Ph.D Switch Gear and Protection and Power System Stability
7 Dr. R. B. Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D Electrical Power System and Wide area measurement Systems
8 Prof. U. V. Dongare Assistant Professor M. E Electrical Power System and Control Systems
9 Prof. R. M. Sahare Assistant Professor M. Tech Electrical Power System
10 Prof. P. P. Gajbhiye Assistant Professor M. Tech Power Electronics
11 Prof. V. M. Harne Assistant Professor M. Tech Electromagnetic Engineering and Electrical Power Systems

Department provides following courses –

Undergraduate courses

Sr. No. Name of Course Intake Capacity Year of Starting
1 B. Tech. Electrical Engineering 60 1964

Postgraduate courses

Sr. No. Name of Course Intake Capacity Year of Starting
1 M. Tech. Electrical Power System (Full Time) 18 1994
2 M. Tech. Electrical Power System (Part Time) 18 1990

Contact Us

Prof. A. S. Sindekar
Head of Department
Department of Electrical Engineering
Contact No.: (0721) 2660850 Ext: 285
Email ID:

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