Faculty List

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Contact Information Area interest Email ID Profile Picture
1 Prof. A. S. Sindekar Associate Professor & HOD M. Tech, DBM Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives assindekar@gmail.com
2 Prof. V. M. Jape Associate Professor M.Tech Control Systems and Electrical Dives jape.vasant@rediffmail.com
3 Dr. V. N. Ghate Associate Professor Ph.D Machine learning and Artificial Neural Network vng786@gmail.com
4 Prof. M.V. Jape Assistant Professor M. Tech Planning and Expansion of Electrical Power System manishajape@gmail.com
5 Dr. V. B. Virulkar Associate Professor Ph.D Power System, Power Quality, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle vbvirulkar@yahoo.com
6 Dr. K. D. Thakur Assistant Professor Ph.D Switch Gear and Protection and Power System Stability kawitadthakur@gmail.com
7 Dr. R. B. Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D Electrical Power System and Wide area measurement Systems drrbs1974@gmail.com
8 Prof. U. V. Dongare Assistant Professor M. E Electrical Power System and Control Systems jwala.0610@gmail.com
9 Prof. R. M. Sahare Assistant Professor M. Tech Electrical Power System saharerajani29@gmail.com
10 Prof. P. P. Gajbhiye Assistant Professor M. Tech Power Electronics gajbhiyepiyush88@gmail.com
11 Prof. V. M. Harne Assistant Professor M. Tech Electromagnetic Engineering and Electrical Power Systems vijayharne@gmail.com
12 Dr. G. A. Dhomane Professor Ph.D Power Electronics Interface, Smart Grid, RES Interface gadhomane@gcoea.ac.in
13 Dr. P. P. Bedekar Professor Ph.D Power System Analysis, Power System Protection, Power System Optimization bedekar.prashant@gcoea.ac.in