I welcome and extend my warm regards to everyone to the Department of Information Technology on behalf of the faculty, staff and students. It has become one of the most fundamental technologies governing and touching every activity and every person in this world. Nothing is left untouched by the advancements of IT and its related technologies. When I look back on our splendid walkof about two decades, our list includes many praiseworthy accomplishments and plaudits. As we are more than a decade old in an autonomous status, we are very enthusiastic about using it for the betterment of our students. This is partly due to the versatility in developing an innovative program curriculum. During the development of our curriculum, we put prominence that every student enhances the knowledge level and industry relevant skills. Our curriculum involves organizational behavior, software engineering, software project management, programming of languages, computers, networking, web systems, management of information, security of information covering key fields and modern digital topics, data science, AI, IoT, Cloud based Computing and Cognitive Computational Sciences. Along with technical education IT department provides value education, opportunities for full time Internship and a lot more for the success and growth of our students. 

The ongoing pandemic has influenced higher education institutions in an unparalleled way. In the minimum possible time, we were able to rebound and restore our operations from regular in-person teaching mode to fully operational online mode. This could take place mainly because of our faculty’s uncompromising zeal and enthusiasm. When facing this crisis, our methodologies are stable focusing on students’ productivity and sustainability in this virtual environment. We already have our instructional guidance system structured to include students in the best way leading towards improved student engagement. This department has always been striving hard to improve overall academic results. The Department has 09 faculties with outstanding academic qualifications. The efforts of the faculty in research and its alignment in teaching have been noteworthy. I thank the faculty and staff of our team who work hard to improve students’ learning success. 

This department is committed towards providing best of the educational experience and best career opportunities for our existing and upcoming student generations. Our track record of placements has been exceptionally high and steady over the years. This reflects our endurance in taking our department towards more bright and successful future. Thanks.