Sr. No.  Name of Laboratory  Name of Important Equipments 
1  Process instrumentation & control lab  DCS System(ABB/Benix) 

Selectron Prorgammebal Logic Controller Model No MM3030  

“ESICO” Digital conductivity /TDS Meter Model -641 

PC based closed loop pressure control system 

Hydraulic control system Trainer 

2  Electronics instrumentation lab  LCR Q Meter 

Double Kelvin Bridge 

Digital IC Tester 

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

IOT Development Platform     

3  Biomedical instrumentation lab  Pulse Oxymeter 

Lutron Oxygen Gas Analyzer Oxygen Meter 

Heart/ Pulse rate meter using 4 different sensors technique and two different processor technique. 

External demand cardiac pace maker 

Signal Processing Unit for Respiratory Mussels Strength 

4  Software base lab  NI USB-6210 (Software) DAQ card 

Single Integrated Automation Studio Software 5.7  

5  Microprocessor and microcontroller lab  Microcontroller Development Kit  

8086 Trainer Kit (Model XPO.86) 

Interrupt Interface Kit  

PC based stepper motor training system  

Logic Analyzer Model TLA-704 (Portable color monitor)