The Instrumentation Engineering and  Students Association (IESA) of Government College of Engineering, Amravati, established in 1996, is an active student organization which organizes a number of technical activities including workshops (PLC, DCS and SCADA, Matlab), competitions(Poster making), technical symposiums, guest lecturers etc. for its student members under the guidance faculties of Department of Instrumentation Engineering. It is a non-profit professional meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas regarding advancement of theory and practice of Instrumentation Engineering and Technology, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and many more. Instrumentation Engineering and Students Association (IESA) works closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of advancement in the field of instrumentation engineering ultimately percolate down to every citizen of India. 

Sr. No.  Name of Committee  Position Held  Name of Students 



Student Association 

President  Tushar Pathak. 

Final Year B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 

2  Vice-President  Vyankatesh Datir 

Third Year B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 

3  Treasurer  Vaibhav Fharkande 

Third Year B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 

4  Secretary  Gaurav S. Vishrojwar 

Second Year B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 

5  Ladies Representative   Sakshi Deshmukh 

Final Year B. Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering)