Laboratories in Information Technology Department 


Lab Description Number of Machines Description of Machines Practical’s conducted Lab Incharge 
Network and Embedded Lab 21 Computer(Lenovo) 

Intel Core  i5-4570 CPU@3.20GHz, 4GB RAM, HDD 300 GB,Window 8.1 Pro Operating System 


1. Compiler Construction 

2.Design and Analysis of Algorithms 

3.Data Communication 

4.Data Structure 

Programming Lab 20 Computer (HP) Intel i3 Windows 8 1. Distributed computing 

2.Data Warehousing and Data Mining 

3. System Programming 

Dr. K. P. Wagh 
Project Lab 15 Specification of Computers: Intel core i5, Operating system RHEL,operating system Make-Acer 


1) System Administration laboratory 

2) Web Technology laboratory 

3) System Analysis and Design laboratory 

3) Project Slot 


DBMS Lab 15 15 Desktop Computer (Lenovo) Intel i5 Windows 8 Hardware Lab 


SA Lohi 
System Administration Lab 25 All in One Desktop (Lenovo)-25 

Specification: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-8700 CPU @3.20 Ghz, 

RAM: 8 GB, 

System type: 64-bit OS, 

HDD-1 TB, 

OS: Windows10 

  1. System Administration Lab-I 
  1. System Administration Lab-II. 
  1. System Administration Lab-III 
  1. Microprocessor and Interfacing 
  1. Object Oriented Technology 
K N Tayade 



Network and Embedded Lab

Total number of Computers available in Lab: 21

Major Facilities available in Lab:

· Oracle 9i Soft

· LAN Test Kit

· Edu. LAN Trainer Kit

· IBM Server

· ISDN Training Kit

· Data Communication Trainer

· Nios VSLI Development Board

· Laptop Intel