1 82 New R&D Projects on offer 82 new ToRs for R&D projects are hosted on BIS academic dashboard with last date of receipt of proposals as 15 May 2024 (refer URL). All MoU partners are requested to kindly make sure that their proposals reach BIS within the stipulated time. https://www.services.bis.gov.in/php/BIS_2.0/eBIS/rnd-projects 02-05-2024 10:14:00
2 Technical Committee membership vacancies open for faculty Membership vacancies for various Technical Committees of BIS are open for faculty of MoU partners (refer URL). Interested faculties are requested to go through the vacancies on offer on BIS academic dashboard to apply in their field of expertise and interest. https://www.services.bis.gov.in/php/BIS_2.0/bisconnect/notify_vacancy_list 02-05-2024 10:21:56
3 81 Faculty Sensitization Programmes held in MoU Institutes BIS has successfully conducted faculty sensitization programmes in 81 MoU partner institutes to apprise the faculty, scholars and students about BIS and its activities and how they can participate in various initiatives of BIS like taking up R&D projects, participating in technical committees, commenting on draft Indian Standards etc. 06-05-2024 02:47:49
4 Draft Annual Action Plan for Technical Sessions on Indian Standards Draft Annual Action Plan for Technical Sessions on Indian Standards shared with all 91 MoU Institutions to plan incorporation of lectures on basic concepts of standardization and subject specific standards in various disciplines. These lectures will help the students to get acquainted with the Indian Standards and their implementation in their area of study and work. 06-05-2024 02:50:51
5 84 R&D Projects on subjects under Standardization sanctioned 84 R&D projects on subjects under standardization have been sanctioned under phase-1. Details can be seen on URL given. https://www.services.bis.gov.in/php/BIS_2.0/eBIS/research-projects-assigned 06-05-2024 02:52:38
6 Deadline for the submission of R&D proposals for 82 new R & D projects extended till 15th May, 24 The deadline for the submission of R&D proposals for 82 new R & D projects on the offer is extended till 15th May, 24. 06-05-2024 02:53:53
7 126 Standards Clubs formed in more than 35 MoU Institutions More than 35 MoU institutes have set up 126 Standard Clubs in multiple departments and many are in process of setting up. These Standard Clubs meaningfully engage students in various interesting activities relating to standards and standardization. 06-05-2024 02:56:09
8 Rapport building meetings with Deans and HoDs held in 82 MoU Institutions 06-05-2024 02:57:15
9 BIS approves the scheme for financial assistance to the Institutions for the augmentation of the test facilities https://www.bis.gov.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Support to other laboratories.pdf 06-05-2024 02:58:27
10 BIS approves the scheme for the recognition of the Laboratories of the institutions for testing of factory and market samples 08-05-2024 12:54:46
11 G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology creates a BIS corner on its website https://www.gbpuat.ac.in/BIS/index.html 09-05-2024 11:56:16
12 BIS requests institutions to create a BIS News & Events corner on their websites (API created by BIS for seamless real time integration already shared) 09-05-2024 11:57:44
13 170 students of MoU partner institutes selected for internship at BIS Branch Offices 27-05-2024 03:28:08
14 222 students of MoU partner institutes selected for internship at BIS Standardization Departments 27-05-2024 03:29:42
15 Technical Sessions on Indian Standards in MoU Institutes begin this academic year MoU partners have submitted their annual action plan for conducting technical sessions on standardization and Indian Standards in their various departments under educational outreach initiative of BIS. 05-06-2024 09:58:47
16 14 institutes have already implemented/are in advanced stages of implementation of API for BIS corner on their website 05-06-2024 10:07:56
17 15 MoU partners have submitted plans for Technical Sessions on Indian Standards for the upcoming academic year Other MoU partners are also requested to submit their plans at the earliest for timely allocation of faculty 11-06-2024 12:37:08
18 BIS features at IIT Bombay CSR Conclave 2024 as a proud partner IIT Bombay is hosting its Annual CSR Conclave 2024 today on the theme of “Unlocking CSR for impactful research.” BIS features as a proud partner and BIS officers attend the event. https://www.services.bis.gov.in/php/BIS_2.0//bisconnect/sfile/sstore2/news_2024-06-14.pdf 14-06-2024 12:17:00
19 BIS is organizing a Quiz on Quality and Standards through Diksha Portal on 20 Jun 2024. Students are encouraged to participate. https://www.services.bis.gov.in/php/BIS_2.0//bisconnect/sfile/sstore2/news_2024-06-14_11.pdf 14-06-2024 04:30:27
20 New ToRs for R&D projects are hosted on BIS portal with last date of receipt of proposals at BIS as 31 July 2024. 26-06-2024 02:46:50
21 17 MoU partners have successfully integrated API for real time information sharing. Others are requested to integrate BIS API with their websites. 01-07-2024 04:58:49
22 24 MoU partners have submitted technical session plans Others are requested to share their plans at the earliest 10-07-2024 03:16:37