The Gymkhana along with its infrastructure is an organization to foster and develop all student activities, promote and develop organizational abilities in students, identify student issues and promote discussion on them, to offer office support for all recognized student activities and also to increase social awareness.

Under the umbrella of gymkhana, the students are encouraged to participate in various inter college sports, youth festivals, debate and other cultural activities. Many students bring laurels to the institute every year for such developmental and extra-curricular activities.

Students at GCOEA engage themselves in large number of extra-curricular activities and a student can find an interest group corresponding to almost any hobby. Sports are structured so as to help every aspirant to find his or her level and improve from there and for that we have various intercollege events, interdepartmental events and also inter-university events.

There are various student clubs for each student of the college in their area of interest. Student involvement in the campus clubs is an impetus for self-realization and helps maintain a healthy balance between academic rigor and social life.

University youth festivals are the cradles of the students artistic and cultural development. Maximum of 32 students’ team was formed for University Youth Festival 2019, for 27 different competition forms like drama, music, dance, literary and fine-arts. All the students were selected from audition taken in college at Gymkhana. Youth Festival took place at Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities from September 31 to October 2, 2019. College won three prices in Youth Festival, Pranay Manware 3rd Year Computer Science & Engineering was winner of Western Instrumental in music, Sagar Katole from 4th Year Civil Engineering got 3rd prize in cartooning and 3rd prize in poster making of Fine-Arts. Student Vaidehi Khedkar from 3rd Year Civil Engineering got color coat for Indian group song and Western group song in music. Student Abid Khan Pathan from 3rd Year Electrical Engineering was selected as reserved student for one act play in Drama.

For physical fitness and mental strength, we encourage our students to participate in various sports activities that our held at inter-university level. Maximum of 240 students took part in the inter-university sports event held under Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. This year various students of our college got an opportunity to be part of the University team. All the student who represent in the university team are honoured with the color coat. Our college got 3 color coat this year. Mr Sare Fachang secured color coat in footballMr Uday Uikey secured color coat in chessMr Sarthak Khandagale secured color coat in swimming.

For all those students who have interest in Research and Development they are given chance to represent the college at Avishkar. Avishkar is one of the National level science project competition. To encourage scientific work of students our college have Avishakar cell. Maximum 15 teams participated in various sectors Humanities, Languages, and fine arts (HLF), Commerce, Management, Law (CML), Pure Science (PS), Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (AAH), Medicine and Pharmacy (MP), Engineering and Technology (ET). The University level was held at Sant Gadge Baba University, Amravati on 14th and 15th Jan 2020. We had 5 teams selected at the University level. Student Miss Supriya Shende got color coat for Project name -Intrusion Detection in network security by Deep Learning Method.

To promote the artistic qualities of student, gymkhana organises an event name AAGAZ with main motto to bring forth the hidden artistic and creative ideas, thoughts and imagination by way of various competitions and give budding artists of GCOEA a small platform to showcase their skills. This year AAGAZ was conducted on 20th and 21st January in Computer Science Department, GCOEA.

To enhance the oratory skills of students, gymkhana organises an event name MUDLIYAR TROPHY under Personality Development Section. MUDLIYAR TROPHY, named after the prominent orator Sir Arcot Ramaswamy Mudliyar, an oratorical festival of GCOEA. MUDLIYAR TROPHY podium witnessed many enthusiastic orators, the thunderous applause which mesmerized the entire arena, the authentic judges and many more. Definitely, this success is not a solo effort. It involves many helping hands. For the organisation of this edition of MUDLIYAR TROPHY, a team consisting 8 members worked punctiliously throughout the whole period. Members were selected on interview basis by the GYMKHANA team and approved by the faculty incharges of personality development section. MUDLIYAR TROPHY 2019-20, indeed was successful in satisfying the purpose of inculcating the oratorical talents in students of the institute. Whooping response of over 200 students was seen in this edition of the trophy. The main competition, comprising of three events, was held from 12th Feb to 14th Feb at Classroom M-1, Mechanical Department from 4:30 pm to 7 pm.

Gymkhana organise social activities under NSS. This year Blood donation camp and life skill workshop was organised. The blood donation camp was held on 17th of Jan 2020, at Seminar Hall of Computer Science and Engineering Department. Not only students but also faculty members of the college participated in the blood donation camp. In all we were successful in collecting 75 blood donor samples. A Life skills workshop on Program of Subconscious through Practical Hypnosis was conducted in the institute by the NSS unit and Students council. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Prasheek N. Gaikwad on 13th January 2020 in the Workshop Hall, Government College of Engineering, Amravati. This workshop was conducted for all the students from 2nd year to 4th year. Around 150 students were present for the workshop. NSS unit and Students Council aims at organizing many such workshop and programs for the betterment of students and make them capable enough to cope up with all the spheres of life.

Gymkhana organize inter departmental sports meet for all the students of college so that apart from the academic curriculum they can also focus on the extra-curricular activities. Lt Kalpana Chawla Trophy(KCT) is a mega event conducted every year by Gymkhana with 25+ sport events. This event is conducted to bring all the students of all department of the institute together and united. The best performances in this trophy are then further made ready to represent the institute at the inter university sports events. This year KCT was conducted in the time span of 25 days with the participation of nearly 1954 students of the institute. Department of Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering are the winners of KCT for this year.

As per the GR of Govt of Maharashtra various birth Anniversary of great people were celebrated. On the occasion of Marathi Bhasa Gaurav Divas, the elocution competition has been organised on 27th February 2020.

All the programs are conducted under the guidance of Gymkhana president Dr R.P. Borkar , Vice president Prof A.S.Sindekar, Kalpana Chawla Trophy in charge Prof R.H.Sarda and Gymkhana committee members Prof A. M. Mokadam, Dr M. V. Jape, Prof Lohi. For each activity one faculty is appointed as in charge and last year who worked as in charge delivered the excellent output.

Mr Pankaj Hambarde was working as physical trainer and Mr Vinod Vighe assisted all the gymkhana activities.


Kshitija D. Mayee

General Secretary Gymkhana

Mob no: 8605746295

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