Pre-Placement Training & Employability Assessment Test: The T&P Cell provides direction and inputs for design and roll-out of skill development programs of campus eligible students and monitors the effective implementation of programs. The process of design of modules for the skill development programs, overall structure of skill development programs, selection of training agencies possessing expertise and experience and cost factors involved is followed and evaluation of agencies is done on pre-decided parameters and compared to arrive at optimum choice. The schedule of skill development programs is based on the vacant slot in the academic calendar and the overall state of preparedness required of these campus eligible students before campus recruitment season. During AY 2018-19, the following Student Development Programs were conducted by the T&P Cell to prepare them for campus interviews:

  1. Student Development Program – Aptitude
  2. Student Development Program – Soft Skill Development
  3. TCS CSAC Training Program to enhance Programming Skills of campus eligible students
  4. Student participation in Industry organized technical contest’s to test and enhance the technical skills as per the industry standard

To assess the employability of the campus eligible students, the T&P Cell conducts a Pre-Employment Assessment test which provides individual analysis for each student about his/her skill set and a consolidated report of all students to the institute.