With Globalization, there has been a rise in demand for employees with good communication skills. To meet such growing demands for excellent communication skills in international languages, language laboratory plays key role in technical education institutes.
To cater the need of the students a well-equipped computer assisted Language Laboratory is functional in the institute.

Salient features of language laboratory:
➢ This language laboratory uses computers to teach languages with internet connection.

➢ Language lab give facility for acquisition of international languages and learning through fours skills i.e. L- listening, S- speaking, R- reading, W- writing. 

➢ This lab allows a learner a private environment for self-paced learning.

➢ Lab also supports one to one (student to student), One to many (teacher to students) and many to one (students to teacher) type of exercise and activities to maximize immersion of international languages.
➢ It helps students to learn languages and their functional grammar.
➢ Language laboratory has such computer assisted learning facilities for English, French, German and Japanese.