Last two decades has witnessed a tremendous surge in the application of Automation Technology in Indian Industries partly as a means to reduce the cost of production and partly to improve the quality of their products so that they become competitive in the international market. This has become necessary after opening up our economy to the global market. Automation requires knowledge in drives and controls, which in turn requires insight in PLC, Sensors and Mechatronics. Full benefit of automation can only be realized when fundamental principles governing these areas of study are properly understood.

With a view to producing trained personnel for automation in industries ;Govt College of Engineering Amravati along with DIVY IT Solutions-Pune; has gone into collaboration with  IRAI, France who are market leaders in drives and control equipment’s. This has resulted in establishment of a state of the art Centre of Excellence at GCOEA  campus.

The center prides itself of being equipped with the latest State – of – the – Art equipment on  PLC Scada ; Pneumatics, and Sensorics. The centre is designed to cater to the needs of the ITI, Diploma and B.Tech students with the present day industries going in for large scale automation, this training program will no doubt add to the market value of these students

The working of this centre will  expose the students  to different aspects of automation and to improve their knowledge in hydraulic and pneumatic drives, logic circuits and sensor technology.

The centre will function on the concept of Industrial environment in the Institute by providing hands on training to the students  in different fields of automation. The modules like VIRTUAL hydraulic technology, industrial hydraulics, proportional technology, basic pneumatics, industrial pneumatics, closed loop pneumatics and PLC based controls.

This centre  of Excellence can design and offer tailor made courses for employees of industries. Also the Centre will provide solutions to the industrial problems through the consultancy works and projects on need basis to enhance Industry- Institute- Interaction.

DIVY IT Solutions-Pune; is a well established BRAND already involved  in working with top ranked  Universities; MSMES , IIITs and  well known Industries.They have a thorough experience of working with Academia and Industry as a whole.

Prof.Sheetal Bijawe

Incharge ( CoE in Instrumentation Control and Automation )