Annual Report of Mudliyar Trophy 2019-20

                                                 ‘Unleash the inner YOU…’


MUDLIYAR TROPHY, named after the prominent orator Sir Arcot Ramaswamy Mudliyar, an oratorical festival of GCoEA, is organised annually under the Personality Development Section of Gymkhana.

Continuing the tradition of finding the young orators in the institute, this year also MUDLIYAR TROPHY was organized by students’ Gymkhana (P.D. Section). Stepping into its 55th year, the college witnessed cut-throat competition amongst the students of both groups (General category and First year category) in MUDLIYAR TROPHY 2019-20.

MUDLIYAR TROPHY podium witnessed many enthusiastic orators, the thunderous applause which mesmerized the entire arena, the authentic judges and many more. Definitely, this success is not a solo effort. It involves many helping hands. For the organisation of this edition of MUDLIYAR TROPHY, a team consisting 8 members worked punctiliously throughout the whole period. Members were selected on interview basis by the GYMKHANA team and approved by the faculty incharges of personality development section.

As usual, there was a separate category for the first year students in order to give more exposure to the new students. Participation in both the categories was strictly on the first-come-first-serve basis. A Google form was generated for the participation and was circulated among all the students. Maximum limit for number of participations in each event was declared with Google form and accordingly the registrations were taken.

MUDLIYAR TROPHY 2019-20, indeed was successful in satisfying the purpose of inculcating the oratorical talents in students of the institute. Whooping response of over 200 students was seen in this edition of the trophy.










                EVENT DETAILS:



Event/Activity Partici pants First year category


General category


1 Extempore


30 1)      Ankit Kumar

Singh (CSE)

2)      Anuja Alkari


1)      Sarthak Shrivastav


2)      Rohan

Deshmukh      (4th EXTC)

Prof. Bhavana


(English Dept,K L

College )

3 Poetry

Competition   (13/02/2020 to


40 Dnyaneshwar Yele (Mech) Rohan Deshmukh

(4th EXTC)


Online competition al together judged by faculty Incharges
2 Debate (13/02/2020) 20 1)      Radhika Bakare


2)      Komal Mishra


1)      Abid Khan

(3rd Electrical)

2)      Aditya Chavhan

(3rd EXTC)

1)      Mr. Mahesh Padwal


2)      Mrs. Ujjwala Kulkarni


Principal, St.

Francis High


4 Spell Bee (10/02/2020) 30 Abhishekh Khade(4th Year Electrical) Event with 1st eliminator round, 2nd qualifying one and the last Final round.
5 Meme Creation

(12/02/2020 to


65 Kiran Kendre(1st Year E&TC) Within the posted memes on the Instagram page most liked one was declared as a winner
6 Questionnaire



8 Komal Mishra


Rohan Deshmukh (4th  EXTC)


Mr. R. R.


(Director, TIME





The main competition, comprising of three events, was held from 12th Feb to 14th Feb at Classroom M-1, Mechanical Department from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. We had 4 judges judging more than 200 contestants. This year the winner and 1st runner up of each of the first two events from both the categories qualified for the Questionnaire round.  

To attract a greater number of students and to rejuvenate their enthusiasm for the competition, this year three new initiatives were undertaken. These were, namely, Spell Bee, Meme Creation Contest and Poetry Competition. Being open to all students and because of their simple nature, these events received very good response from the students with a total participation of more than 165 students, and were conducted under the guidance of Faculty In-charges. Winners were decided as follows on the basis of points secured as per the predefined criteria.

As per the predefined criteria, Questionnaire round was the final round of the MUDLIYAR TROPHY 2019-20. The winners from each category of the Questionnaire Round were to be declared as the overall winners of the MUDLIYAR TROPHY 2019-20.

Winner in First Year Category – Komal Mishra (Electrical)

Winner in General Category – Rohan Deshmukh (4th E&TC)


The prizes and certificates along with trophies and medals were distributed to the respective persons as mentioned above. Thus the addition of new events to MUDLIYAR TROPHY was a great boon this year. Also the online publicity of the competition proved benevolent as we opened Instagram page for timely updates of each event. All this became possible due to sincere efforts of all the organizing members and because of great guidance and support by our Faculty In-charges Prof. K. N. Tayade, Prof. N. G. Pardeshi, and Prof. S. S. Kumbhar.