The Department of Applied Mechanics is established in 1964 and is one of the oldest departments in Government College of Engineering, Amravati. The department has well qualified teaching staff, well established laboratories and good infrastructure. For undergraduate courses, this department mainly deals with courses like Engineering Mechanics to all the disciplines, Strength of Materials to Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and courses related to Structural Analysis and Design for Civil Engineering Department. The department runs post graduate program, M. Tech. Civil-Structural Engineering and Ph. D. Program. The upgraded computer laboratories for UG and PG with latest structural engineering software, high speed internet facility are available for staff and students.

Sophisticated equipments for testing of material and consultancy services are available in the department. Applied Mechanics Department is actively involved in testing of construction material and consultancy services to society related to structural designs & drawings, structural audits of buildings/ structures /industrial structures/bridges, third party technical audits of different constructional works (buildings, bridges, roads, any development works, water supply schemes, sewage treatment plants /schemes), structural designs & drawings of buildings/ bridges/ Industrial structures/ roads etc, non destructive assessments/ evaluations of the different structures etc.