Signal and Systems Lab
List of Major Equipments :
Name of the EquipmentLaboratoryDate of PurchaseQuantityCost
Satellite Communication TrainerCE Lab20-03-2018199887.00
Basic PCB LabWorkshop20-03-20181199184.00
Configurable Analog Design Development BoardEDC Lab20-03-20183195000.00
Advanced Image Processing Platform for Learning application, development and researchSignal and Systems Lab20-03-20181191160.00
Mentor DSP software platform (25 users)Signal and Systems Lab20-03-20181295000.00
Mentor DSP hardware platformSignal and Systems Lab20-03-20181195000.00
Simulation Lab
Name of the EquipmentLaboratoryDate of PurchaseQuantityCost
Laptop Notebook HPSimulation Lab31-01-20195395000.00
Cadence VLSI ToolsSimulation Lab16-03-20191790000.00
CADFEKO software (10 Users)Simulation Lab16-03-20191675000.00
SystemCrafter software (10Users)Simulation Lab16-03-20191436600.00
MATLAB software Full SuiteSimulation Lab19-12-201914999741.00
All in one Desktop PC LenovoSimulation Lab14-11-201812707808.00
                                PG and Research Lab
Name of the EquipmentLaboratoryDate of PurchaseQuantityCost
FINFET 14nm Software ToolPG&R Lab03-02-202005 users330400.00
Network Simulation Software – NETSIMPG&R Lab22-01-202005 users696200.00
Software and Hardware for Mechatronics / Robotics LabPG&R Lab03-02-202011003000.00
Linux Based real time image capture and storePG&R Lab03-02-20201224200.00
Solar Power System with MPPT algorithmPG&R Lab15-02-20201271400.00
IOT Lab Application setup for Agricultural Interfacing with machine Learning AlgorithmPG&R Lab15-02-20201236000.00
IOT Application setup for Smart CityPG&R Lab16-02-20201177000.00
Cortex Development BoardsPG&R Lab09-03-20205796500.00
AVF Multi-vendor PLD PlatformPG&R Lab15-02-20201147500.00
Matrix –II development platformPG&R Lab15-02-20201153400.00