Sr. No.

Name of Laboratory

Name of Important Equipments


Process instrumentation & control lab

DCS System(ABB/Benix) PLC trainer kit

Selectron Prorgammebal Logic Controller Model No MM3030

"ESICO" Digital conductivity /TDS Meter Model -641

PC based closed loop pressure control system

Hydraulic control system Trainer


Electronics instrumentation lab

LCR Q Meter

Double Kelvin Bridge

Digital IC Tester

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

IOT Development Platform   

Whestone bridge, shearing bridge kits


Biomedical instrumentation lab

Pulse Oxymeter

Lutron Oxygen Gas Analyzer Oxygen Meter

Heart/ Pulse rate meter using 4 different sensors technique and two different processor technique.

External demand cardiac pace maker

Signal Processing Unit for Respiratory Mussels Strength


Software base lab

NI USB-6210 (Software) DAQ card

Single Integrated Automation Studio Software 5.7


Microprocessor and microcontroller lab

Microcontroller Development Kit

8086 Trainer Kit (Model XPO.86)

Interrupt Interface Kit

PC based stepper motor training system

Logic Analyzer Model TLA-704 (Portable color monitor)