Drama Club has marvelous gems, they have proved themselves on bigger platforms. Club contains actors, actresses, dedicated writers, directors & photographers. Club was open for all enthusiastic people. Club has balance of both seniors & juniors but there is no such thing of senior or junior in the club. Everyone is well experienced & want to create new content. The activities under dram club are as follows

  1. a) Auditions of new drama members
  2. b) Performed One Act Play, Skit & Mime at University’s Youth Fest 2019
  3. c) Performed Shayari & Mimicry at University’s Youth Fest 2019
  4. d) Performed One Act Play ‘Lokmanya’ written & directed by club members on Zenith’20.

Achievement of 2019-20 session was selection of Abid Khan in University’s Team as a reserved candidate in All three formats (i. e. reserved candidature for University Color Coat)