The institution has adequate facilities for sports, games (indoor, outdoor)  gymnasium, yoga centre etc.,  and cultural activities

Facilities for outdoor and indoor games are available to students. One qualified staff is dedicated to the Gymkhana activities. Apart from this individual faculty also act as advisors for various sport activities. For each of the game a student secretary is selected and thus Gymkhana Council is constituted. College has following sports facilities for the students:

Outdoor Games: Cricket, Foot-Ball, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Handball,

Indoor Games: Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom / Chess, Body Gym

Today we could able to provide the following facilities to the students for playing at the campus,

S.N.Name of FacilityNO.
1Cricket Field1
2Foot Ball Field1
3Hand Ball Court1
4Volley Ball Courts2
5Ball Badminton Court1
6Kabaddi Court1
7Kho  Kho Court1
8Badminton Indoor Courts  – Outdoor2
9Table Tennis Tables.4
10Carom Boards.14
11Chess Boards50
12Well Equipped Gym1
Total Playground area available: 8 Acers


Every year we organize the inter-department sports competition and individual game competition. The department which win the most games, declared as general champion for the year and a trophy named after Late KalpnaChawala is given to that department. Also every year two best sport person (one boy and one selected by observing the performance in game throughout the year.

Extracurricular activities:

            To encourage the extracurricular activities among students the College has good sound system, music system, orchestra, light system and various allied equipments. College has many clubs such

  • Fine art Club
  • Photography Club
  • Music and Dramatics Club

Students organize various activities under these clubs. Every year a cultural festival named “Zenith” is organized by inviting Celebrities for presiding the function, under this art exhibition is conducted to render the students an opportunity to express in the form of art. A display of the exhibits, including photographs, paper quelling art, canvas painting, pencil sketching, sculpture, rangoli, abstract paintings, dram, orchestra, dance  is arranged

Co curricular activities:


For every discipline there is students association e.g. CESA, Civil Engineering Students association (similarly MESA, EESA etc. for other disciplines) for conduct of co-curricular activities established in the college. Every Department conducts seminars, workshops and technical contests in areas concerning their programmes to strengthen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students. There are also student chapters of professional societies e.g. ISTE, IE(I), IEEE the departments. Student members in the respective chapters and these societies also promote technical activities and student participation. Institution facilitates the conduct of these activities for the benefit of students.