The Gymkhana Council had formed by the selection process in the month of August, 2019 with the 20 Secretaries.

Sr. No Name of Post Name Branch /YR
01 General Secretary Gymkhana Miss Kshitija D Mayee IV CIVIL
02 Joint Secretary Gymkhana Mr Sejal D Dahibhat III ELPO
03 Ladies Representative Miss Kshitija D Mayee IV CIVIL
04 Secretary Cultural Activities Mr Abid Khan Yakun Khan Pathan III ELPO
05 Secretary Magazine Mr Tushar B.  Pathak III INSTRU
06 Secretary Avishkar Miss  Samiksha G Kadu III INSTRU
07 Secretary Debate &Personality Development Mr Brajesh B Sontakke III EXTC
08 Secretary Indoor games & Table Tennis Mr Atharva D Jakate III IT
09 Secretary Football Mr Ashutosh A Rai III INSTRU
10 Secretary Indian games Mr Babarao A Khule IV INSTRU
11 Secretary Badminton Mr Ram V Bhala III CIVIL
12 Secretary  volleyball Mr Ajinkya G Makode II CIVIL
13 Secretary basketball Mr Yash S Mahalle III ELPO
14 Secretary handball Mr Revat R Kukade II EXTC
15 Secretary hobby center Mr Sarang A Ikhar III INSTRU
16 Secretary cricket Mr Somnath N Chate III ELPO
17 Secretary athletics Miss Avantika M Bahakar III MECH
18 Secretary NSS Mr Pratik A Malewar II CIVIL
19 Secretary NCC Mr Jay A Khandare III INSTRU
20 Secretary gymnasium Mr Harshal N Patil III MECH


Various events are conducted under Gymkhana. The very 1st event we had “Youth Festival 2019” of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati. We participated with a team of 32 students with our Cultural activity secretary Mr. Abid Khan in it. Miss Vaidehi Khedkar secured the color coat in western group singing and also she secured 4th position at the national level.

Further 240 students of our college participated in the university level sport competitions. Mr Sare Fachang secured color coat in football, Mr Uday Uikey secured color coat in chess, Mr Sarthak Khandagale secured color coat in swimming. Other than sport activities Gymkhana facilitate students to participate in Avishkar to showcase their project in to college, district level and state level. This year Miss Supriya Shinde secured color coat in Avishkar.

Aagaz held under Gymkhana to promote the artistic qualities of students, all the students from 1st to final year actively participated in it. Under the personality development section an inter college competition named Mudliyar Trophy held under Gymkhana to enhance the oratory skills of students. Gymkhana also supports the social activities like blood donation held under NSS. The work of Magazine Secretary Mr. Tushar Pathak was remarkable with the edition of e-newsletter and Magazine.

Lt Kalpana Chawla Trophy (KCT) is a mega event conducted every year by Gymkhana with 25+ sport events. This year also KCT was conducted in the time span of 25 days with the participation of 1954 students. Focusing on Digital India last year an app was released on the android platform as Lt Kalpana Chawla Trophy App by our college student Mr. Nikhil Khandare which was maintained this year by secretaries of Gymkhana. Department of Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering are the winners of KCT for this year.

As per the GR of Govt of Maha various birth Anniversary of great people were celebrated. On the occasion of Marathi Bhasa Gaurav Divas, the elocution competition has been organised on 27th February 2020.

All the programs are conducted under the guidance of Gymkhana president Dr R.P. Borkar, Vice president Prof A.S.Sindekar, Kalpana Chawla Trophy in charge Prof R.H.Sarda and Gymkhana committee members Prof A. M. Mokadam, Dr M. V. Jape, Prof Lohi. For each activity one faculty is appointed as in charge and last year who worked as in charge delivered the excellent output.

Mr Pankaj Hambarde was working as physical trainer and Mr Vinod Vighe assisted all the gymkhana activities.



(Prof A.S.Sindekar)

Vice President Gymkhana