ZENITH 2020 

Zenith, the annual and social gathering of Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati, for the academic year 2019-20 became a memorable event in the history of the college. Principal, Dr R. P. Borkar, Vice President Gymkhana, Prof. A. S. Sindekar, Faculty In-charge, Prof. A. M. Mokadam, Gathering Secretary, Mr Rohan Deshmukh from 4th year ENTC and Joint Gathering Secretary, Mr Mayur Madhekar from 3rd year IT were the backbone of the event. 

After the selection of GS and JGS in the month of January, faculty in-charges for various committees were appointed. The interviews for the posts of student conveners and co-conveners of various committees took place on 7th Feb 2020 in presence of the concerned faculty in-charges and the result was declared on 11th Feb 2020. Immediately after that, the interviews for the selection of member students of various committees took place on 12th Feb 2020 by the concerned student conveners and co-conveners, the result of the same was declared on 16th Feb 2020. 

The committees were set up, and the work was distributed to the concerned committees. The overall schedule was planned and events along with their timings were decided. The decided date turn out to be 3rd and 4th of March, the venue being Sangeet Surya Keshavrao Bhosale Hall for the two days program and 5th of March for Breakfast, the venue being Admin Garden. 

The quotations work was done by the committees in the crucial time-bounded period in very well manner. Mr Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, a renowned Marathi actor was decided as the Chief Guest for Inaugural Program on Day 1 along with the Guest of Honor, Dr D. V. Jadhav, Joint Director, Technical Education, Amravati Region. For Day 2’s Prize Distribution Ceremony, Er. Prashant D. Naoghare, Chief Engineer, Public Works Region, Amravati was decided as the Chief Guest. 

Various events under Zenith Expression were conducted to make students enthusiastic about Zenith. Various days like Blue Day, Red Day, Black Day and Traditional Day were also organized to make a vibe of Zenith throughout the campus. Students gave a tremendous response to make these days colourful. The traditional day became a hit. Students expressed their traditions by their attire and clicked photographs throughout the campus. 

The Stage committee set the stage which took them nearly 13 hours.  

And finally, the day arrived. The Chief Guest & Guest of Honor reported at Principal’s Desk and had their breakfasts at 10:30 AM. The reception committee gave them a traditional welcome. All students were curious to see Mr Vaibhav Tatwawaadi and Bhosale Hall was roaring from 10:30 AM itself. At 10:45 AM the dignitaries arrived at Bhosale Hall. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place and as the Chief Guest entered the hall, there are no words to describe the enthusiasm that students showed. The hall was roaring, the students and faculties were all happy to see him. 

And the program started with singing National Anthem together and then the Saraswati puja was done by the dignitaries present on the dais. Felicitation of chief guest Mr Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, guest of honour Dr D. V. Jadhav, principal Dr R. P. Borkar, vice president gymkhana prof. A. S. Sindekar, Faculty In-charge  Zenith Prof. A. M. Mokadam, Gathering Secretary Mr Rohan Deshmukh, General Secretary Gymkhana Miss. Kshitija Mayee, University Representative Mr Mohammad Ahfaaz Latif was done. Gathering Secretary Mr Rohan Deshmukh presented a brief report of Zenith. And then the most awaited interaction program with Mr Vaibhav Tatwawaadi took place. During the interaction, students, faculties asked various questions to him and he gave honest and inspiring answers. 

Then following structured events, Non-Departmental Dances showing the dancing talent of GCOEA, mesmerizing Dramas performed by the talented students giving moral values, Drama of GCOEA         ( LOKMANNYA ) gave tribute to Independence activist – Bal Gangadhar Tilak through amazing talent of students, Rosetime, ending the Day 1 with Sugam Sangeet- Gandharva showing the singing talent of the college through Marathi songs.  

Day 2 started with Departmental Dances and then prize distribution ceremony took place where the awards were given away to the colour coat holders, best outgoing student, best sports player, Secretaries of Gymkhana, Ladies Representative, University Representative, winners of various events under zenith expressions, Aura of Arts, Non-Departmental Dances, Sugam Sangeet, Departmental Dances, Drama, Drama of GCOEA, Spirit of GCOEA, Mudliyar, Gymkhana -Inter class and Inter-Departmental sports events by the hands of dignitaries present on the dais, Chief guest Er. Prashant D. Naoghare, principal Dr R. P. Borkar, faculty In-charge zenith Prof A.M.Mokadam, Vice President Gymkhana Prof. A.S. Sindekar. 

The final round of Persona contest was followed by the prize distribution ceremony and then the Day 2 ended with fishpond and Variety Entertainment program showcasing various talented performers of the college.