Gymkhana Committee

                                                                                                                                                                                        President: Prof. Dr. A. M. Mahalle

                                         Vice President: Prof. A. M. Mokadam

                                              In-charge: Prof. A. M. Shah                                  


                                                       Prof. N. G Gadge

                                            Gymkhana General Secretary: 

                         Mr. Mayur Bhagat, 4th Year, Electronics Department

                                      Gymkhana Joint General Secretary: 

                         Mr. Piyush Atkare, 3rd Year, Instrumentation Department

                                      Gymkhana Joint General Secretary: 

                          Miss. Devyani Khande, 3rd Year, Electrical Department

                                        Zenith 2024 General Secretary:                       

                           Mr. Shashank Nasre, 4th Year Civil Department

                                      Zenith 2024 Joint General Secretary:             

                            Mr. Gaurav Kawalkar, 3rd Year, Electronics Department

                                      Zenith 2024 Joint General Secretary:            

                            Miss. Shriya Ugale, 3rd Year, Electrical Department

 Gymkhana Events Report

The Gymkhana of GCoEA proudly presents a comprehensive report highlighting the diverse array of events held throughout the academic year. These events, spanning from sporting competitions to cultural extravaganzas, have been instrumental in fostering talent, promoting camaraderie, and enriching the college experience for students.

1. The Late Kalpana Chawla Trophy: The Late Kalpana Chawla Trophy, a prestigious sporting event, unfolded from 17th February to 8th March. It featured an impressive showcase of sporting talent across various disciplines, including Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Chess, Carrom, and Athletics. The participants demonstrated exceptional skill and sportsmanship, making the tournament a resounding success.

2. Zenith 2024: Zenith 2024, our esteemed cultural extravaganza, captivated audiences over two vibrant days on 15th and 16th February. It celebrated creativity and artistic expression through a diverse range of cultural performances, exhibitions, and competitions. Students from various domains showcased their talents, enriching the cultural fabric of our institution.

3. Mudliyar An Oratorical Skills Competition: Continuing the rich tradition of GCoEA, the Mudliyar An Oratorical Skills Competition showcased the eloquence and intellect of our students. The competition, featuring engaging contests such as Spell Bee, Poetry, Debate, Meme Making, and Extempore, highlighted their prowess in communication and expression.

4. Youth Festival Participation: Our college once again actively participated in the Intercollege Youth Festival organized by Sant Gadge Baba University. Students represented GCoEA with grace and zeal, competing in various categories including Drama, Dance, and other cultural competitions. Their performances were commendable, reflecting the vibrant spirit of our institution.

5. Gymkhana Clubs: Throughout the year, Gymkhana clubs such as G-Natraj, Abhimanch, and Music Club remained active, organizing a plethora of activities. These clubs played a pivotal role in fostering talent and creativity among students, with highlights including flash mobs, dances, dramas, and musical performances during Youth Festival and college fests like Zenith and Prajwalan.

6. NSS and NCC: The NSS and NCC units of GCoEA continued their impactful work, engaging students in various social and community service activities. Their contributions towards societal welfare and national service were invaluable, reflecting the ethos of service ingrained within our institution.

7. Magazine & Newsletter Committee: The Magazine & Newsletter Committee operated with unwavering enthusiasm throughout the year, documenting and disseminating the vibrant happenings within our college community. Their efforts in capturing and sharing noteworthy events and achievements ensured effective communication and engagement among students and faculty members.

              The Gymkhana events at GCoEA have once again underscored the diverse talents and vibrant spirit of our student community. These events not only provide avenues for skill development and expression but also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie within our institution. As Gymkhana General Secretary, I express my gratitude to all participants, organizers, and supporters and eagerly anticipate continued excellence and participation in future endeavours.

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