The Department of Instrumentation Engineering has developed and maintained a well-defined set of Educational Objectives and desired program outcomes. Educational objectives of the program cater to the requirements of the stakeholders such as students, parents, employers, alumni, faculty members etc.  

These objectives will be obvious by professional visibility (publications, presentations, inventions, patents and awards), entrepreneurial activities, and international activities (participation in international conferences, collaborative research and employment abroad). 

PEO1: Core Competency: Graduate will be able to solve real world problems appropriate to the discipline using foundation of mathematics, science and Instrumentation Engineering 

PEO2: Breadth: Graduate will be competent enough to apply current industry accepted best practices, new and emerging technologies to analyze, design, implement, and maintain the globally acceptable solutions. 

PEO3: Learning Environment: Exhibit self- learning capabilities to understand and practice emerging theories and technologies along with effective communication and intra personal skills. 

PEO4: Professionalism: Inculcate professional and ethical attitude and ability to relate automation issues to society at large. 

PEO5: Preparation: Be successfully employed or accepted into a graduate program / higher studies, and demonstrate a pursuit of lifelong learning.