Details of State/ National or International Level Events related to Youth development work or student Centric activities for their all-round development:

 The Mechanical Engineering department of the Government College of Engineering has SAE Collegiate Club, under which different student-centric activities are undertaken. The major activities include Participation in SAE Baja and SAE Tifan Competition. Some of the highlights are as follows.

The Faculty Advisor of the club is Dr.R.M.Metkar, Associate Professor, Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati

 Achievements in the year 2020:

The Team GCOEA  won National Level Runner up Prize in SAE Baja Competition organised by SAE in association with Chitkara University Chandigarh in March 2020. The Prize Includes Trophy and Rs 125000/- (Rs One lack Twenty five thousand only)

 Achievements in the year 2021:

The Team GCOEA has achieved 2nd runner-up at a social media event in the year 2021.

The Team GCOEA has achieved 2nd runner-up at Virtual Run in the year 2021-22.

 Achievements in the year 2022:

The Team GCOEA achieved second runner-up for Gradeability  in Static Event in the year

of 2022. The Prize Includes the Trophy of Second Runner Up. The competition was held at


Students from the team have appeared for BAT (Baja APTITUDE Test). One student got selected for MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA LTD.

Universities from around India come to participate in this competition. The challenge for the

engineering students is to design and fabricate an SAE Baja Buggy. Safety features on the car must be  followed as set by the SAE competition. Teams are then scored based on the vehicle’s performance in dynamic events (acceleration, a pulling event, maneuverability mn, rock crawl, and endurance) and static events (design report, cost report, and presentation). The team GCOEA designed ATV(All-terrain vehicle) which successfully passed all quality and design checks and completed all laps of the race. In addition to holding up to the harsh off-road terrain, the car has to be designed to be lightweight and inexpensive. The car is not only judged on the performance or completion of the race but there is a cost report as well as an engineering design report. The car has to conform to all of the rules stated in

the SAE‟s rulebook.